This article is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Cratejoy.

What is Cratejoy?

Cratejoy is a website builder and eCommerce backend for subscription eCommerce stores. Read more here.

Can I sell non-subscription products?

Yes. All Cratejoy stores support one time sales in addition to subscription sales as part of the All-Access Plan.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can use any custom domain that you own with your Cratejoy storefront.

Do I need a web host?

No. Cratejoy hosts your storefront as part of the plan price, including unlimited bandwidth, a secure checkout, real-time database backups, and a content distribution network to serve your site reliably and fast.

Do I Need to be a Programmer to Open a Store?

No. Cratejoy is easy to use for every experience level - but if you do run into any questions we are always available at Cratejoy Support. You can easily customize one of our existing themes without writing any code.

Or if you'd like you can actually edit or even replace all of the HTML/CSS and Javascript on your store.

Can I use Cratejoy with my existing website?

Yes. You can use Cratejoy as a backend platform for your subscription by linking your subscribe button on your existing website to your Cratejoy subscribe page. Simply follow the instructions here.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees.

Are there bandwidth fees?

There are none. All Cratejoy stores include unlimited bandwidth for free forever.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. You can sign up for a free trial without entering your credit card details and use Cratejoy for up to 14 days. At the end of your trial or when you decide to launch your subscription store, you will need to enter your credit card details.

How long are your contracts?

Cratejoy is only billed month to month there is no commitment or minimum contract length.

What Countries does Cratejoy support?

Cratejoy supports all countries supported by Stripe. You can find more information about countries supported by Stripe here. If your country is not in the list of supported countries, you still may be able to use Stripe Atlas.

What currencies does Cratejoy support?

We support USD by default but you can change to a non-USD currency (such as GBP) by editing it in your account settings. Instructions here.

Will Cratejoy be able to handle large amounts of traffic?

Yes, Cratejoy is built using a fully scalable architecture on top of the Amazon Web Services environment which you can read about here: AWS is used by companies like Citrix, Adobe, and Netflix, and it is considered an industry leader in stability and scalability.

Cratejoy's database is hosted on the zone-redundant Amazon RDS platform. This means that an internet outage in one area cannot take the database offline.

In addition, the engineering team at Cratejoy is experienced. We built the Zynga Poker HTML5 game as well as the Zynga Bingo game and Zynga slots games. These games received millions of players every single day. No amount of traffic scares us.

We have been featured on Fox News, NPR and on the New York Times - and have never had so much as a blip in our server performance due to the traffic. You can rest easy knowing that Cratejoy can easily handle the success of your business.

You can always monitor Cratejoy's platform status at: We suggest you subscribe to this page for updates.

Does Cratejoy back up the data? Is my site safe?

Cratejoy uses Amazon RDS which is a redundant database solution that provides a complete working second copy of our database at all times. You can read more at:

In addition, we do a complete backup of our database every hour to an off-site location.

Cratejoy has never lost any customer data.

If you are ever concerned you can:

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