This article is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to Cratejoy's Marketplace.

Do I have to be a Cratejoy merchant to get listed on the marketplace?

Yes, you have to be a Cratejoy merchant or partner to be listed on the Marketplace. Cratejoy merchants can easily list on the marketplace from their business portal. 

Do I have to be listed on the Marketplace to use Cratejoy?

No, you can run your subscription website using Cratejoy without being listed on the Marketplace. It’s an optional service that is designed to help get you more subscribers.

Are there any limitations on the types of products that can be listed on the Marketplace?

We want to make sure that the Marketplace is a helpful tool for all of our merchants that use it, so we exercise our own judgment about listings. We’re not particularly squeamish, but we won’t violate any laws or risk hurting other merchants by putting up listings that will deter consumers.

Can I still have my own website if I use the Cratejoy Marketplace?

Yes! You can have a listing on the Cratejoy marketplace and use Cratejoy as your backend on your e-commerce website.

Why do various subscription box bloggers send people to the marketplace rather than my direct link?

With the number of subscription boxes growing daily, the small community of subscription box bloggers can’t keep up. These bloggers, like you, are running a business and depend on the income from their blog. Because they receive an upfront commission from Cratejoy for each subscriber they acquire, they prioritize Cratejoy subscription boxes. 

While this may be discouraging, this eliminates a lot of risk for your business. See the chart below:

Scenario 1: Merchant not on MarketplaceScenario 2: Merchant on Marketplace 
Box Price: $40 per monthBox Price: $40 per month
Cost to Aquire Customer (CAC): $50Cost to Aquire Customer (CAC): $50
Seller Upfront Cost: $50Seller Upfront Cost: $0
Cratejoy Upfront Cost: $0Cratejoy Upfront Cost: $50
Seller Upfront Risk: 100%Seller Upfront Risk: 0%
Subscriber cancels immediately and requests a full refund. Cost to Seller remains $50Subscriber cancels immediately and requests a full refund. Costs to Merchant is $0
Subscriber cancels after one month, cost to Seller remains $50Subscriber cancels after one month, Cost to Seller is $4 (10%)
Subscriber cancels after six months, cost to merchant remains $50Subscriber cancels after six months, cost to Merchant is $24 (10% for each active month)

One of the many benefits of the Cratejoy Marketplace is that we are dedicated to marketing your box for you. One of those marketing efforts is partnering with bloggers, which is why they link to your marketplace page rather than your direct link.

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