This guide will walk you through how inventory management works on both your Cratejoy Marketplace listing and the Cratejoy backend of your website. 

You’ll be able to Opt-Into this feature by clicking the “Opt-In” link on your dashboard (only admins will see it) until March 2nd, 2020. After March 2nd, this feature will be enabled by default for all stores.

What is inventory management? 

Previously, we offered a Maximum Shipment configuration per product that would limit sales of a product by how many shipments you could send per batch. How the number of shipments per batch was calculated was confusing, and would take multiple data sources to understand what you should set Maximum Shipments to.

We’re changing the way you can limit sales of individual subscription products. We’re changing Maximum Shipments to Available Quantity.

Once enabled, Available Quantity will be set to unlimited for each subscription product. 

How do I set an inventory count for my subscription products? 

Go to the inventory section of a subscription product in your account. Here you’ll see the available quantity and who set it last with the date and time of the last update. 

 On the product details page of a subscription product, set the Available Quantity to the number of new subscribers you can currently handle or leave it blank for unlimited. Every time a new subscriber purchases a subscription, Available Quantity for that product will be decremented.

Watch the video below for a step by step guide.

Setting this field to be blank means you have unlimited shipments/do not want to ever sell out.

Your subscription product will be sold out and unable to take new subscriptions when Available Quantity reaches 0. When Available Quantity hits 0 for a product, your store’s admins will receive an email and that product will no longer be purchasable. 

What happens if I sell out of one product and not another? 

Once the number of scheduled shipments hits the maximum number of shipments, potential customers will be shown a sold out message if they try to purchase your subscription product on your website or on the Cratejoy marketplace.

If you offer multiple products, customers can still purchase any other subscription products that still have inventory left in your next batch.

How does it work on my marketplace listing? 

On the Cratejoy Marketplace, products with an Available Quantity of 0 will display as Sold Out, but your other products that are still available will be purchasable. If you operate a store on a Cratejoy subdomain or on a custom domain with a custom theme, then you can achieve a similar effect by implementing the new is_sold_out filter in your store’s theme. The code for the is_sold_out filter can be found here. 

In both the Cratejoy Marketplace and external stores, Cratejoy will prevent products with 0 Available Quantity from being sold.

Does this affect existing subscribers who are set to renew? 

Available Quantity will only limit how many new subscribers you can support. Once Available Quantity hits 0 for a product, Cratejoy won’t permit the sale of any new subscription for that product, but it will still allow all renewals.

What happens if I have only 1 product left in stock but a customer tries to checkout with 2 of that product in her cart?

When the customer tries to add the second product to her cart, she’ll be shown the “Product [X] is out of inventory.” message.

How can I set a single product to be sold out immediately?

You can set the Available Quantity to 0.

How can I customize my sold-out page/inventory out of stock page?

Only for storewide sold-out mode (which you can turn on in the settings). Learn more about storewide sold-out mode here

However, in the theme code editor, you can use the is_sold_out filter to customize what per-product sold out looks like.

What features or settings are unsupported?

  • Product Types:

    • Gifting 1.0 purchases are not included in currently scheduled shipments.

    • Ad hoc products cannot have subscription inventory management (because there is no concept of a “next batch.")

    • Separate subscription products cannot share inventory. You can have one inventory count per subscription product.

  • Variants and Surveys: You cannot set inventory or sold out mode by product variant or by survey response.

  • Customizations and Notifications:

    • You can’t schedule inventory changes.

    • You cannot set separate inventory levels for Marketplace vs. your website.

    • You cannot update inventory via the API or in bulk.