You, and your subscribers, may now notice a new cancellation reason option, “Purchased as a gift.” Cancellation reports are great insight into what your subscribers think about your box, and what you can improve to reduce churn and keep your subscribers longer. Here at Cratejoy, we’re seeing more and more subscriptions purchased as gifts, so we wanted to give a new cancellation reason just for those gift buyers.

Some fun facts about gift cancellations that prompted add this new reason (along with our thoughts on why we were seeing these reasons being used for gift cancellations):

  • 18% of canceling subscribers selected “I never wanted it to renew,” even though 40% of those subs have already renewed 2+ times. Our thoughts: Maybe because they’re trying to convey, “I just didn’t want it to renew anymore?”
  • 20% of canceling subscribers selected “I just wanted to test it out.” Which we thought was odd for a gift subscription.
  • 28% of canceling subscribers selected “Other,” and 32% of those respondents included the word “gift” or “present” in their cancellation note.
  • 11% of canceling subscribers selected “I will resubscribe later,” which we thought might mean, “I will purchase this as a gift later.”