This article will walk you through on how to run a pre-sales/pre-order campaign on Cratejoy.

One of the best ways to launch your new subscription business is with a pre-sales campaign. Pre-sales campaigns are promotions in which interested customers sign-up and pay for their subscription BEFORE you've launched the subscription.

This allows you to both gauge interest for your product as well as give you initial funding and your first subscribers. This model has been made famous by and has been used successfully to launch dozens of new subscriptions on Cratejoy.

A pre-sales campaign is different from a prelaunch campaign. Prelaunch campaigns consist of e-mail gathering, which you can do with our Prelaunch Theme.

We recommend funding your subscription by pre-selling the first shipment to your customers. This has been much more successful than pre-sales campaigns in which the customer gets items other than the actual subscription (such as T-shirts, etc) rather than the actual subscription product itself. The rest of this guide assumes that you are following our recommendation and pre-selling the first shipment.

Phases of launching a Subscription via pre-sales

1. Build your website

We recommend using our Rapido theme which is built just for pre-sales campaigns. You can read more at: Setting up Pre-Sales with

2. Market your product + collect pre-sales

This is the hard part! Don't forget your friends and family as a great place to get your initial traction.

3. Create your Cratejoy store & products

Now is the time to actually design your Cratejoy store-front. Since your funders have pre-paid you should consider hiring a designer and really doing a professional job. If you need help in the design checkout some of our recommended designers.

4. Launch your first month of subscriptions

Once you've hit your funding goal and are ready to launch your subscription you'll need to give all of your funders a way to get their subscription.

The best way to do this is to:

Create a coupon for 100% off of the first month.

The safest way to do this is to actually create a unique coupon code for each of your funders and only allow the coupon to be used once. You can read more about creating a coupon at: Create a coupon.

Turn your coupon codes into coupon links.

Automatically add your subscription product to a subscriber's cart and apply the coupon you've created by sharing the link in a promotional email or directly on your website.

You can read more about how to do this at: How do I create a link to add both a coupon and a product to a customer's cart?

E-mail each of your funders.

Send each of your funders their link which gives them their first month free!


What if I want to run a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign instead?

No problem! Run your pre-sales campaign as usual and then follow the steps above listed under "4. Launch your first month of subscriptions" to give your funders their free shipments.

Will customers be automatically added to my subscription when it's ready?

No, with this system when you're ready to start selling your subscription your initial customers will have to purchase your subscription separately.

Have any questions? Please submit a ticket here.

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