If you purchased your custom domain through GoDaddy you can follow these instructions.

Note: Running into problems? Checkout our FAQ here.

This guide will walk you through setting up a custom domain with NameCheap.

If you just purchased the domain name AND/OR just updated your DNS settings on Namecheap, it can take many hours (and sometimes up to 48 hours) for Namecheap to propagate the changes and your site be up and running. If you plan on "launching" your Cratejoy store with your custom domain in a few days, you may want to push back your launch date as Namecheap can take up to 48 hours to update site settings and even have issues then that could put your launch date off. If you make changes and wait up to 48 hours and it is still not working, please reach out to Namecheap support for assistance.

Picking your Domain:

You will want to choose your domain name and enter it to find out if it is available.

Managing your New Custom Domain

Below is the account management area at NameCheap. Click "View" to see a list of your domains. You should only have one if this is your first domain.

Click on your new custom domain to edit it.

Don't worry you're almost there!

Click "Advanced DNS.

Last Step!

Select 'Add new record' and enter in.

Type: A Record

Host: @


TTL: 30 minute

Select 'Add a new record' again and enter in.

Type: CNAME Record

Host: www

Value: lb.cratejoy.com

TTL: 30 minute

If you see a CNAME record that points to parkingpage.namecheap.com you will need to remove it, as this will conflict with your Cratejoy CNAME record.

Go back to your Cratejoy account and make sure your custom domain entered in. Do not include www when entering in your domain in the custom domain section.

Your new domain may take a few minutes to work. Clear all your cookies and cache on your browser and load up your new site!

Note: Setting up your custom domain this way means you do not have to make any adjustments to your nameservers. This is true no matter where you've purchased your domain name from.