What is Cratejoy Questions & Answers?

Questions & Answers allows you to learn about specific subscription boxes from other members of the Cratejoy community! With this feature, you can easily ask questions to make better-informed purchasing decisions. You can also answer questions when others ask them, allowing you to share your own experience with fellow Marketplace members.

What questions should I ask?

It’s best to ask specific, practical questions about the subscription box so you know what you are getting. We recommend you ask questions to understand the buying experience or the experience of receiving the items in the box. These types of questions, rather than opinion-based questions, tend to be more general (e.g. “Does this box make a good gift?”). Some examples of good questions are:

  • Does this beauty box come with full-size or sample-size products?
  • How do I set up my fashion profile for this clothing box?
  • How many items come in this box? 

What shouldn't I ask?

All posts must either be a question or an answer to a question about the specific box or merchant. If we feel questions or answers distract others in the community from learning about the box or the merchant, we reserve the right to remove the content posted. Specifically, the following topics are not ideal for the Q&A feature: 

  • Shipping or handling questions for the seller
  • Order-specific information
  • Merchant customer service needs
  • Self-promotion (such as linking to your social media or blog)
  • Any form of "spam," including advertisements, contests, or other solicitations for other websites or companies; or any URL link that includes a "referrer" tag or affiliate code.
  • Other topics or language that does not comply with our content guidelines


If you have questions about a specific order, please contact the merchant through their listing or the “My Subscriptions” page of your subscriber dashboard. If you are having trouble connecting with the merchant, please contact Cratejoy Support

How can I ask a question?

On the subscription box listing, scroll below the image slideshow to the section labeled “Questions.” Click the “Ask the Community” or “Ask a Question” button, then enter your question in the text box. 

How can I answer a question?

To answer a question that doesn’t have responses yet, click on “Answer” underneath the question and write your response in the text box that pops up. To answer a question with existing responses, click "Answers,” then the “Answer this Question” button.