A Marketplace Deal is a tool used by Cratejoy Marketing to quickly create a consistent sales event on Cratejoy.com. A Deal is tied to a Marketplace Collection (e.g. https://www.cratejoy.com/collection/fathers-day) and a unique Marketplace coupon code.

There are currently two types of Deals:

Flash Sale (e.g. Cyber Monday and Mother’s Day)

  • Marketplace Coupon discount is shown on the collection page
  • Marketplace Coupon description is shown on the listing page
  • Marketplace Coupon discount and description are shown in checkout after adding coupon code

VIP Offers

  • Marketplace Coupon discount is shown on the collection page 
  • Marketplace Coupon discount and description are shown in checkout after adding coupon code

Why be part of a Deal?

Cratejoy Marketing has used Deals several times in the past, such as the Cyber Monday and Mother’s Day flash sales. The events were successful but we wanted to know how we could make them better.

We noticed a couple things researching past Deals

  1. They take a long time to set up
  2. They provide customers with an inconsistent experience

They Take A Long Time to Set Up

Setting up a deal requires lots of emails between the Cratejoy Marketing team and Cratejoy Merchants. Merchants have to respond saying they want to be part of the deal and setup coupons on their own. Then they have to add the coupon to their listing which requires that the listing go through an approval process.

They Provide Customers with an Inconsistent Experience

Additionally, sometimes coupons are set up incorrectly. For example, the Flash Sale will be advertised to end at midnight on a certain date. Merchants may accidentally set up their coupon to expire on the wrong date. This means that a customer may notice that some coupons in the Flash Sale work even after the advertised end date.

A Deal guarantees that a customer using a coupon from the Deal will enjoy the same discount and coupon expiration dates across any of the listings in the Collection.

Marketplace Deal FAQs

How Do I Learn More About a Deal and Opt In?

When creating a Deal, Cratejoy Marketing carefully selects merchants that fit the Deal goals. They will reach out to merchants and provide a link that allows a Merchant to learn more about the Deal’s start date, end date, discounts provided by Deal and opt in.

I changed my mind, How do I Opt Out of a Deal?

Merchant’s can opt out of a deal by using the link that was sent to them from the Cratejoy Marketing Team.

How Can I view Marketplace Coupon Stats for the Deal?

You can view stats for the Marketplace Coupon using the Revenue by Coupon tool. You access that tool by clicking Analytics, then General and then clicking Revenue by Coupon. A record will also be created in the export found in the General Analytics by Month report.

Additionally, the order page will display the coupon associated with the Marketplace Deal.

Will the Marketplace Coupon work on my own Store?

No, the Marketplace Coupon will not work on your own store. The Coupon will only work on Cratejoy.com.