Setting Up

How do I extend my 14-day free trial? 

Email Cratejoy Support for an extension. We’d be happy to help. 

How do I source products?

To source products, we recommend first researching well-reviewed artisans and wholesalers in your niche. 

Here are some suggested places to source products.

Here’s how to negotiate with a vendor to procure products.

How much money do I need to invest? 

How much you need to invest varies for each business, as it depends on your expenses and intended profit margins. Running presales can help offset your starting costs. 

What’s the difference between the Cratejoy Marketplace and the Cratejoy Storefront? 

What we call the “storefront” is your website hosted by Cratejoy: you can find it at [yourstore]

The Cratejoy Marketplace is our customer-facing sales channel, where you have a store listing with all the essential info shoppers need to subscribe. The Cratejoy Marketplace is intended for subscription products only; there is no “Shop” webpage or one-time products available at this time. 

You can receive orders on each channel. 

How do I only list on the Cratejoy Marketplace? Do I have to upgrade? 

All Cratejoy sellers must upgrade their account; this tells our system that you are no longer on a free trial. Upgrading to the Marketplace Only plan is free. Email Cratejoy Support to be put on the Marketplace Only plan ($0/mo.).

What steps do I need to take to list on the Marketplace?

To list on the Marketplace, you will need to create a subscription product, set up a payment processor, upgrade your account to the Marketplace Only plan, and create your listing in the Cratejoy seller portal. 

Why do I have to give you my credit card?

The reason why a credit card is required is to make sure that the whole purchase can be covered. 

Even if a subscription is purchased with a 100% off coupon, a credit card is still required. 

Do I have to use Stripe?

Cratejoy recommends that sellers use Stripe for their payment processor. Read how to set up Stripe in our help doc.

How do I get my Marketplace listing approved? 

When you are ready to submit your Marketplace listing for approval, click the “Submit” button. Our committee will review your listing for any missing information or materials that go against our Marketplace seller policies, then approve or reject your listing with suggested revisions. Read more about what we’re looking for at our help doc. 

How do I price my box? 

Cratejoy has several calculators and guides to help you price your subscription box. If you decide to update your pricing after you have active subscribers, you can do this easily by simply editing your existing price by writing over it. 

How do I set up a shipping schedule? 

Your shipping schedule and renewal (billing) schedule are linked together in the Cratejoy seller portal. When you renew customer subscriptions will impact when you ship their boxes. We recommend shipping to brand-new subscribers within 7 days of their first order, then shipping to all other subscribers in bulk once a month. Read more about shipping schedules in our Subscription Box Shipping & Renewal Guide.

The Cratejoy system is set up for a monthly shipping schedule. It is possible to ship using certain alternate schedules, but you will need to email Cratejoy Support to add our free Advanced Rebilling app to your account. Read more info in our help doc.

How do I add a survey or variants? What’s the difference? 

Variants are interchangeable variations of a product, such as the size, color, style, etc. Your subscribers choose from the specific options you set up. Variant selections can be updated by the customer at any time and will reflect on any unshipped shipments for that subscription.

Surveys are a way to gain information from a subscriber without having to know all the options beforehand. Examples include “Do you have any allergies?” or “When's your birthday?” Survey responses cannot be changed after a customer has ordered their subscription. 

Read more in our help doc. 

What apps do I need?

To set up a non-monthly shipping schedule, you will need our Advanced Rebilling app. Read more here. 


What’s the difference between upgrading my account and launching my store?

You must upgrade your account in order to launch your store. Email Cratejoy Support to be put on the Marketplace Only plan. Our support team will add the Marketplace Only plan to your account in the Cratejoy seller portal. Then, to upgrade your account, navigate to the Account page of your seller portal and change your current plan from “Free Trial” to “Marketplace Only” ($0/mo.).

Launching your store means that your Marketplace listing has gone live and your store is actively taking orders. Read more about upgrading, then launching, your store in our help doc.

What should my listing look like?

We recommend that you include 8-10 strong photos of your box and products, clear shipping information and a detailed description, and that you take advantage of all the extra features (such as Current Box and Past Boxes, featuring a YouTube video, and Questions & Answers) that the Marketplace listing has to offer. Here’s a guide to utilizing Marketplace features to improve your listing strength.

How do I get featured on the Marketplace? 

The Marketing Team takes several factors into consideration when selecting sellers to feature in content, such as high-quality images on your Marketplace listing, a strong conversion rate and low churn rate, positive customer reviews, and use of all the features Marketplace listings have available. Read more here.

First Sale 

My shipping/billing schedule isn’t accurate. How do I change it? 

As always, feel free to email Cratejoy Support with any questions you might have!

____ day of the month: final day for new subscribers to sign up.

____ day of the month: Subscribers auto-renew for next month’s box

What happens when I get a gift subscription?

When a gift order is processed, the customer goes through a slightly different subscribe flow called “Give a Gift.” They have the option to select whether their gift will renew at the end of the original subscription period.

Does Cratejoy ship my boxes for me? 

While our sellers are in charge of curating, packing, and shipping each subscription box themselves, we do provide the necessary resources to manage and track shipments through the Cratejoy seller portal. Read more in our help docs.

How do I ship boxes? 

You can set shipping rates and shipping rulesexport your shipment data, and print packing slips through the Cratejoy seller portal. If you use one of our shipping integrations, such as Pirate Ship, your shipment data can export directly to that service. Read more about shipments in our help docs.

How do I print shipping labels?

You can print shipping labels in bulk directly from the seller portal. Read more in our help doc.

How do I move a shipment?

In the Shipments tab of your dashboard, you will see a teal “Move a shipment” button. This will allow you to move the order shipment for an individual customer. Read more in our help doc.

What reports should I look at?

As a Cratejoy seller, you have access to a variety of reports. What reports you should look at depends on what information you’re looking for at the time. You can check out what available exports, and what’s in them, in the help doc here.