Coupons are a great way to drive sales and reach new customers. Offering a coupon on your listing benefits your business by turning page views into subscriptions. A coupon can often be the deciding factor when a customer is choosing between multiple products. 

Creating a coupon is easy with Cratejoy. Go to your Coupons page to get started. Click on the New Coupon button. You’ll need to fill out:

  • Coupon name

  • Coupon code

  • Coupon description

  • Coupon availability (checkbox)

Choose the coupon you want to offer on the Discounts tab: 

  • No Discount: Choose this if you want the coupon to be good for free shipping, but not to affect the price of the product

  • Percentage: A percent off the price of the product, choose the radio button and enter the numerical percent

  • Flat Rate: A specific dollar amount off the price of the product, choose the radio button and enter the dollar amount

  • Minimum Order Price: Check this checkbox if the discount can only be applied after the customer reaches a minimum purchase (remember, this price has to be reached BEFORE taxes and shipping are considered)

  • Free Shipping: Check this checkbox if you'd like to include free shipping with the coupon, or have a coupon just for free shipping (along with the No Discount radio button)

  • Percentage Off First Shipment: Choose this option to offer new subscribers a discount on their first box. (Recommended for use on 3, 6, & 12-month subscription terms)

You can limit the use of the coupon:

You can choose under what circumstance the coupon can be applied:

You can choose to apply coupons to specific products and subscription terms: 

For more information about coupons: read through our Creating a Coupon walkthrough. 

Once you’ve created the coupons that best fit your products you will need to add them to your listing. Go to your Product Listings page and scroll all the way down to add your previously created coupons to your listings. Each listing can feature one coupon and the coupon must be added to the listing to be live. 

To learn more: read through our Adding a Coupon walkthrough

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