The Cratejoy Marketplace Policies, Guidelines & Expectations

Customers just like you from all over the world come to the Cratejoy Marketplace to discover new passions, hobbies, and products they love. Trust, transparency, and exceptional customer service are all key ingredients to providing a good experience for you. As a Cratejoy Customer, the following guidelines and policies are important to consider.  

Help the Community with Great Reviews

Cratejoy consumers from all over the world rely on reviews and user-created content to discover new passions, hobbies, and products they love. Reviews are a place for people to share information that is helpful to other potential Customers, and a way to help the entire community. And as an added benefit, your review can help the Seller build a better business going forward. So, thank you in advance!

Trust and authenticity are paramount as you think about how to write the best reviews on the Marketplace. As a Customer, you are able to leave a 1-5 star rating and up to 3 photographs pertaining to your purchase.  In addition, you can edit your review as much as you need.  Sellers are notified when a review is left and can respond directly to the review as needed. 

We expect Cratejoy reviews to be helpful, respectful, and honest. After all, the purpose of Customer reviews is to accurately inform other community members of what they can expect when they receive the product, and also to help Sellers improve in the future. Consider the diverse reasons why someone might buy a box on the Marketplace and how you might address that by taking an objective, evaluative look at your experience. You are encouraged to share feedback on the quality of products received, the degree to which the box experience met your expectations, the shipping and delivery process, and more; we only ask that you be respectful, honest, and thoughtful.


To maintain these standards, we uphold the following guidelines for all reviews posted on the Marketplace. If a review does not adhere to these guidelines, the Cratejoy team will take action to adjust the potential impact of this review or remove the review altogether. We reserve the right to edit, delete, or consolidate reviews at our discretion.

  1. Privacy rights: Respect for the Seller’s privacy is expected. Sharing of private or personally identifying information is not permitted. This includes explicit references to a specific customer service interaction, screenshots of these interactions, and any naming of individual business representatives therein.

  2. Truthfulness and transparency: We expect your review to be an honest evaluation of your experience with the box in question. If it becomes clear that a review you have submitted describes your experience in bad faith, or to such an exaggerated degree that it engenders dispute, we may remove or edit your review to reflect these values.

  3. Extraneous reviews: Only one review per Customer, per subscription, is permitted. If you submit multiple reviews for the same subscription box, we will publish your most recent review and remove the others. This policy, along with the policy above, helps us maintain the holistic integrity of the Marketplace review feature.

  4. Respect: Any harassing, hateful, profane, obscene, or threatening language will not be tolerated. Furthermore, we will remove any and all content that threatens or besmirches another party (whether the Seller, a support representative, or another community member).

  5. Self-promotion: Reviews may not include explicit references (such as handles, usernames, or hyperlinks) to your website, social media, external platform, or product outside the Cratejoy Marketplace. Any review that goes against this policy will be edited to remove any promotional references or removed entirely.

As a Customer, you may log into Cratejoy and edit/update your review at any time. You can do this by navigating to the Seller’s listing and clicking the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your review.

As a Customer, you may also post one review per product or subscription box. If you post an additional review for the same product, the original review will be replaced with the most recent review. 

Share Your Experience Through Great Photos

Cratejoy encourages you to include photos with your review to best help other potential Customers. Photographs are crucial to demonstrating the unique value of the box you received and, in addition, validating the experience you describe in your review (whether positive or negative). For that reason, we have developed the following guidelines for you when crafting and selecting images to accompany your review.  

  • Quality: Aim to showcase the box you received with bright, even lighting so other subscribers see clearly what they can expect from this Seller. 

  • Content: We encourage flat lays of the individual products you received or unboxing photos, as these are the most helpful for other community members. You’re also welcome to upload photos of yourself or a loved one (if this was a gift) enjoying their subscription box! However, if you upload a photo of someone else, please ensure that you have the permission of the person pictured. Cratejoy will remove any photo from public view, should we learn that its subject does not consent to being featured.

What is NOT allowed: The following content is not permitted in photos published on the Cratejoy Marketplace. If we encounter photos that include any of the following, we will remove your photo as necessary.

  • Nudity: This includes photos for underwear or lingerie subscriptions; no modeling, please. 

  • Superimposed text: Not only do overlaid text captions make it difficult for other Customers to view and understand your photo, but depending on the text you include, this could also go against our self-promotion rule (see below).

  • Self-promotion or spam: Reviewers may not promote their own website, social media, other platform, or a product outside the Cratejoy Marketplace. (This includes posting an image from Instagram with your Instagram handle superimposed on the photo.) Images that go against this policy will be edited to remove any promotional references or removed entirely.

  • Screenshots: Any images of emails, screenshots, or other mediums that feature customer service interactions, rather than the box or included products, will not be published. These go against our privacy rights policies. 

Customer Service Guidelines

Cratejoy is thrilled to assist you in your journey exploring new subscription boxes, pastimes, and interests. However, keep in mind that Cratejoy’s role in the Customer-Seller relationship is that of a host or facilitator, rather than an involved party. Please reference the policies stated directly by each Seller when deciding how to address an issue regarding cancellations, refunds, or other concerns. 

Any issue or dispute you have with a Seller on Cratejoy should be resolved with the Seller directly.  We encourage you to reach out to the Seller first with your concerns. Here’s how to contact a Seller.

If the Seller doesn't respond to you within three (3) days, please contact the Cratejoy support team with your query and we will do everything we can to ensure your needs get met. You can reach Cratejoy Support via email at [email protected]

Community Interactions Guidelines

Without our enthusiastic, supportive community of subscription box fans, the Cratejoy experience wouldn't be what it is. As a member of that community – whether you’re a regular subscriber to Cratejoy boxes or a visitor new to the site – we ask that you respect the other members of the community. Below are guidelines for conduct and general behavior expectations as a member of the Cratejoy community. 

  • Reviews: The purpose of our Marketplace review feature is to help subscribers understand what they can expect from this box in terms of holistic experience, shipping & delivery, curation, product quality, and more. As such, we encourage you to evaluate your experience! Consider the different reasons why someone might order that subscription box and offer constructive feedback with those reasons in mind. (See our reviews policy above.)

  • Questions & Answers: Cratejoy’s Questions & Answers feature is designed to help inform potential Customers about subscriptions that interest them – not intended for personal opinions or customer service queries directed at the Seller. When submitting or answering a question, keep in mind that the aim of this feature is informative, not evaluative. As such, posts are expected to maintain an objective tone.

Any content posted to the site that contains profanity, inappropriate and/or hateful language, inaccurate or false, or harasses or threatens another member of the Cratejoy community will be removed.