How can I add a favicon to my site?

Before starting this you should prepare your new favicon as a ".ico" file and name it favicon.ico. Once you have your favicon ready to go, follow these directions:

1. Each theme includes a file in the images directory called "favicon.ico".

2. Open the existing favicon.ico and click the rename button, rename the existing icon to "favicon-old.ico"

3. Upload your new icon (it is important that it is named favicon.ico)

4. Reload your webpage and make sure your favicon shows up.

What if my favicon is not showing up?

You should try these steps:

1. Make sure your web browser is not caching your site by clearing the cache, you can read instructions on how to do this here:

2. Check to see if you have an old style theme. Our old style themes contained a small bug which prevented favicons from working. To check this open up "base.html" in the code editor and look for the following:

{% if settings.favicon %}
{{ settings.favicon | asset_url | icon_tag }}
{% endif %}

If you see those 3 lines, DELETE THEM. Then replace them with this:

{{ 'images/favicon.ico' | asset_url | icon_tag }}

3. If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact Cratejoy Support.

Updated by Jake 06/24/2022