Go to Products

From the merchant portal, choose Products -> One-Time Products from the navigation menu.

Select the Product 

You can either scroll through the list of products or use the Product Filters to find the product you need. Once you have found the product you are looking for, click on it.

Add a Variant

Find the section for Variants. Start by choosing "Add Variants", then adding your variant 'Type' on the left-hand box in the variant editor that opens up.

Once you have added the variant 'Type', proceed to enter variant values on the right. For example, if you are going to offer multiple sizes of an item, enter the sizes here. Press 'Enter' between typing each variant value.

Optional: Add More Variants

If you are going to add multiple variants for your product, start at the beginning of the previous step and follow the process through again. For example, if you will have different sizes AND colors.

To start adding additional variants, click the + Add Variant button on the bottom-right of the table.

Add Another Variant

Add additional variants as-needed.

While you can add multiple variants, you are limited to 100 potential variant combinations within a product. Once your variants have been created, the types cannot be edited, and it is not possible to remove all of the variant combinations. If you need to add, remove, or rename variant Types, you would need to create a new product.

Review Variants

After adding your variants, you will be taken back to the Product Setup screen where you will see all of your variant combinations listed in a table. 

Editing Variants

If you need to edit any of the variants options in the table, you can click on the individual combination, or the Remove button to remove that combination.

Save Your Changes

Press the Save button at the top or bottom of your screen.