What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy that is a partnership between two parties:
The Merchant - the one who offers the goods and services 
The Affiliate - the one who promotes the goods and services.
The Merchant pays the Affiliate a commission whenever the Affiliate drives traffic resulting in a sale on the Merchant's website.
Our Affiliate Program
To run our Affiliate & Partner Program, we use Impact Radius. Unlike traditional networks, Impact Radius is a platform with not only advanced technology for tracking, but also robust reporting tools that provide additional insight into the affiliate's value and the customer journey across multiple media partners and channels.
How Does It Work?
Our Affiliate & Partner Program promotes the Cratejoy Marketplace and the subscription box merchants listed on the marketplace. The goal of the affiliate & partner program is to acquire new subscribers for our merchants via niche sites. Our goal is to go beyond the box review site and create a program that drives new customer acquisition that is based on intent and need versus impulse. We feel this is the best path for securing high-value subscribers that help our merchants decrease their overall subscriber churn.
For all Content/Blog/Influencer/Loyalty affiliates, we pay out a tiered commission rate based on volume that starts at 10%. We offer VIP rates for affiliates who, in addition to driving a large volume of sales, also bring in high-quality subscribers to our merchants. Select affiliates are invited to join our Subscription Box Review Program. Non-Content sites and Coupon sites are paid a 4% commission. We offer a 30-day cookie window.
Who Is It For?
The Cratejoy Marketplace Affiliate & Partner Program is currently only available to the following type of affiliates:
  • Leaders in the Subscription Box Industry.
  • Niche Content Blogs; across multiple verticals to accommodate the variety of subscription box categories in the marketplace.
  • Social Media Influencers; including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.
  • Loyalty Platforms and a limited number of Coupon Sites; we do not work with sites with toolbar extensions or adware.
  • *Our Affiliate & Partner program is not for merchants.
Refer An Affiliate
Want to refer affiliates to our program to promote your marketplace listing?
They can sign up for a ShareASale account here
Have Questions?
Send an email to [email protected].