Above the Fold: This is the area of a website that is visible when someone lands on a page without having to scroll.
Advertiser: The company that you are promoting that makes/sells/offers products or services is an Advertiser.
Adware: This is basically spyware. Often included as part of a package download or when you join as a member of a site, think toolbar extension, or random software on your desktop. This is unwanted and difficult to get rid of even after you try to uninstall it. Cratejoy does not work with Affiliates who promote their offers using adware.
Affiliate: An affiliate is a partner who promotes a business and is paid based on performance. Also referred to as a Media Partner on the Impact Radius platform. Affiliates are only paid if they are responsible for generating a sale.
Affiliate Link: A text link that contains the affiliate's unique tracking code.
Affiliate Network: Cratjeoy uses Impact Radius as our Affiliate Network and Platform. Affiliate Networks provide the technology needed to track affiliate efforts and transactions, ensuring sales are properly tracked and commissions are paid out to affiliates. The network also handles reporting for individual affiliates and the merchant.
Conversion Rate: The conversion rate (CR) is the total number of clicks divided by the total number of sales.
ex: Total Clicks = 100 Total Sales = 10 | 100/10 = 1% <- that is the conversion rate.
Cookies: Cookies are used for a variety of reasons across the web. In the case of Affiliate Marketing, when a user clicks on your affiliate link to go to a merchant website, Cookies are used to assign an ID which attributes the sale to the affiliate if it occurs within the predefined Cookie window.
CPA: Cost Per Acquisition. The fee paid to the affiliate for generating a transaction. This can be a flat fee or a %.
Creative: This is the text link or graphic that is given to the affiliate to use in promoting the merchant's products.
Deep Link: Using a hyperlink, this leads to a specific product/landing page as opposed to the homepage. When posting or recommending a specific subscription box (product), it is essential to deep link to increase the CR of the traffic you are directing.
EPC: Earnings Per Click. This is the average earned by an affiliate every time someone clicks on the affiliate link.
Last Click: Last Click is the most common method of attributing sales. If there are multiple affiliates involved in the customer journey prior to purchase, the affiliate that was responsible for the last click is credited with the sale.
Media Partner: This term is specific to Impact Radius and is simply another term for affiliate: a person/partner who promotes a business and receives payment based on performance.
Merchant: This refers to the provider of the goods/services that the affiliate is promoting.
Niche: This is a specific topic of vertical. For Cratejoy, the variety of our marketplace allows us to establish relationships with blogs, partners, and influencers across multiple verticals.
Tax ID: When applying to the Cratejoy Marketplace Affiliate & Partner Program, a Tax ID is required in order to register. Your Tax ID is your SSN.
Terms and Conditions: This area of the affiliate insertion order includes rules and regulations that the affiliate partner must adhere to in order to remain a member of the affiliate program.
Text Link: This is a link that is created by linked text to a web page, or specific landing page, as opposed to using a banner ad. Generally, text links perform significantly better than banner ads as they appear to be an organic part of the content versus appearing as an advertisement.