This document covers what is in the All Transactions Export, and how to download the All Transactions export.

The All Transactions export is one of the deepest, most comprehensive exports available to Cratejoy Merchants. In fact, it is the export Merchants consult to analyze the sales tax they have collected; quite an essential spreadsheet!

The number corresponds to what column # has that information.

A note about currency amounts: All currency amounts are recorded in the smallest currency unit for the account’s currency. E.g. ‘1999’ for an account in USD is $19.99 while ‘199’ for an account in JPY ‎¥ is ¥199‎.

Standard Info

1. Customer Name

2. Order ID: Unique ID for the order date.

3. Order Date: Date the order was processed.

4. Total Tax: Total tax paid for this order.

5. Total Price: Total price paid for the item(s) in the order, minus any discounts

6. Total Refunded: If the item has been fully refunded or partially refunded, you’ll see the amount refunded in this field.

7. Total Shipping: Total shipping cost paid for this order.


8. County Desc.: Description of what county, if any, collected tax on this order.

9. County Total: Total taxes collected for the county listed in the County Description field.

10. City Desc.: Description of what city, if any, collected tax on this order.

11. City Total: Total taxes collected for the city listed in the City Description field.

12. State Desc. Description of what state, if any, collected tax on this order.

13. State Total: Total taxes collected for the state listed in the State Description field.

14. Municipal Desc.: Description of what municipality, if any, collected tax on this order.

15. Municipal Total: Total taxes collected for the municipality listed in the Municipal Desc. field.

Order Information

16. Email: Customer email address

17. Order Status: Either ‘open’ or ‘closed.’ An order is ‘closed’ once the order has been completely paid and shipments have been created. An order is ‘open’ if it hasn’t been paid for completely or if shipments haven’t yet been created.

18. Financial Status - Could be any of the following:

  • Pending or Authorized: The order isn’t completely paid for yet.
  • Paid: The order’s completely paid for.
  • Partially Refunded / Refunded: The order has been paid for, but has also been refunded.
  • Voided: The order has been voided.

19. Fulfillment Status - Could be fulfilled or unfilled.

20. Products - The product(s) purchased in the order. If multiple products, the product names will be separated with commas.

21. Note: The order note

22. Total: The total paid for the order (Total Tax + Total Price + Total Shipping).

23. Coupon: Coupon(s) used on the order.

24. Gift: True/False. Whether the order was a gift or not.

25. Gift Message: IF the order was a gift and the gift purchaser left a gift message, the contents of the message.

App-Related Information

26. Referrer: If the order was referred by someone, this is the customer ID for the customer who referred them. [Referral program only!]

27. Member Only: True/False. Relevant only for sellers with the Members Pricing app; indicates whether the purchase included a one-time purchase made by someone who was a subscriber.

Payment and Processing Information

28. Transaction Fee: This is the percentage only portion of the transaction fee for the order. Note: If the order has been refunded or partially refunded, this transaction fee listed here reflects that.

29. Payment Processor: The processor used for the transaction.

30. Marketplace: True/False. Indicates whether the transaction is for a subscription that originated from the Cratejoy Marketplace.

31: Discount: The dollar amount of the discount applied on the order.

32: Refund Date: If the order was fully or partially refunded this is the date the refund was processed.

33: Referral Fee: This is the percentage based referral fee amount based on the category of your products.

34: Payment Processing Fee: This is the amount charged by the payment processor

35: Flat Rate Fee: This is the flat $0.10 portion of the transaction fee for the order. Note: This is split out of the above transaction fee line 28 for clarity.

36: Currency Conversion Fee: This represents the amount you are charged for sales on Cratejoy Payments where the order was not processed in USD

37: Credit Applied: This reflects all credits applied to the order from the seller's CJ Sub used to cover any of the following fees: 

  • Transaction Fee (Lines 28 & 35)
  • Referral Fee (Line 33)

38: Your Payment: For sellers using Cratejoy Payments this is the amount you will receive in your Stripe account for this order after fees are processed. For non Cratejoy Payment orders this is the amount processed prior to any payment processing fees your provider (Paypal, Stripe, Etc) may take after the payment has processed.

Step 1) Navigate to Analytics -> General in the Merchant Portal

Clicking the Analytics tab in the Merchant Portal will open a series of sub-headings. General is our destination for today.

Step 2) Click General Analytics by Month

A series of analytics categories will appear. Though all are valuable and worth exploring and familiarizing yourself with, of interest at this time is the General Analytics by Month category.

Step 3) Use the Export Button to Export All Transactions

Along with Subscriptions by Month and by Week options, the Export button in the top right corner of the screen allows us to download the export of the hour: All-Transactions!

Step 4) Enjoy Your New Export

Venture forth into the world with your shiny new All Transactions Export!

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