Removing functionality to prevent subscribers from canceling their own subscriptions is not something that is supported and may be illegal in some states.

With that said, nearly every Merchant who has ever wanted to hide the functionality to enable a customer to cancel a subscription has done so in an effort to speak with the customer and gain product feedback. We offer two easy methods to collect subscriber feedback. The first is the brief and compulsory Subscription Cancellation Survey which is presented to the subscriber when they cancel from their account page. The second is the Product Feedback feature which sends an email to all customers who received the most recent shipment.

Besides the time and energy these features save Merchants, the feedback received is much more reliable as it's provided via a survey as opposed to a personal interview, where people are much more likely to avoid honest feedback to prevent the chance of offending someone. As well, the information gathered is aggregated, sorted and presented in a consumable manner in the Merchant Portal's "Analytics" section. The data is easily exportable as well.