Cratejoy's designs include a logo which you can set as either your store name or an image. By default this links to your Cratejoy homepage, however, if you are using an external site for your main website and Cratejoy solely for your checkout and subscription management, you'll want to change the URL of your logo.

To do this, find the HTML file for your header in the code editor under Components > global > Header > component.html:

<a href="/" class="navbar-brand">
{% if settings["global-header/logo_image"] %}
<img src="{{ settings["global-header/logo_image"] | asset_url }}"/>
{% else %}
<span class="store-name">{{ }}</span>
{% endif %}

Change href="/" to href="" to link the logo back to your main site instead of your Cratejoy homepage. Please note, if your URL is SSL secured, you will need to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

That's it! Make sure to save your changes!