Here's how to set up pre-filled cart links using One Time Products.

If you are using an alternative front-end for Cratejoy or are sending promotional emails to your customers, you may want to link directly to a pre-configured cart of one-time products. Cratejoy provides a simple URL pattern that you can link to from anywhere to add these times to the user's cart and take them directly to it!

To do this, grab the SKU for your product from your merchant dashboard. If your one-time product has variants, then you will use the SKU for the variant you would like to link to. With the SKU of your products you can build a cart link like this:

Example: Single product

Example: Single product, multiple quantities

Example: Multiple products

Example: Multiple products, multiple quantities

For more details, see the technical documentation for this feature.

Note: Looking to do this for a Subscription Product? 

Check out this help page to create a link that will add the 'Subscription Product' to the customer's cart and apply a coupon code.