The Cratejoy Designer allows you to add, remove, edit, and reorder links in your header and footer without any coding.

Note that not all themes have both a header and footer, so you may only be able to edit one or the other. For this example, we'll look at the Header links, but the footer links can be edited in the exact same way.

Navigate to the menus editor

First, open the "Design" tab on the main Cratejoy sidebar:

Next, open the Designer for the theme you want to change:

Next, open the "Header" section in the right-side settings panel:

Next, open the "Link" section:

Add a new link

Click the "Add a Link" button at the bottom of the list:

Change the label for your new link:

Pick a destination for your link, you can either choose one of the pages on your site, or a custom url by choosing the "Custom" option and typing in a url:

That's it! Let's make sure to save our changes:

Remove a link

Expand the link you would like to remove:

Click the red "Remove link" button:

That's it! Let's make sure to save our changes:

Reorder links

You can drag the links in your menu to change the ordering of the links on your page:

That's it! Let's make sure to save our changes:

Things to know

Some links are considered "special" and will not show up in the designer as editable. For instance, the Login and My Account menus cannot be changed as they part of the standard Cratejoy experience. They always appear as the last item in you header menu.