How to export your one-time products

Go to the Products page on the Merchant portal, and click One-Time Products.

From there, you’ll find the Export button on the right side of the page. Click this button, and then choose one of the following options:

  • Export CSV - All One-Time Products. This file will include all one-time products, visible or hidden.
  • Export CSV - Current Filter. If you’ve selected “Visible” or “Hidden” products as part of the one-time product filter, this file will include all one-time products that fit that filter.

You will then see a download status bar pop up at the top of your screen. Once the status bar tells you the export is ready, you can click Download now.

What’s in your one-time product export

You’ll find the following columns:

  • SKU - the SKU for each Product + Variant combination.
  • Product ID - the Cratejoy Product ID for each given product. Note that product variants share the same product ID, so you might see multiple lines with the same product ID if you use product variants.
  • Product Name - The name for the one-time product.
  • Product Variant - If you use variants, you will see a comma-separated list of the potential product variants. If you don't use variants, this field will be empty.
  • Visibility - Tells you whether the product is visible or hidden on your storefront.
  • MP Visibility - Tells you whether the product is visible or hidden on the Marketplace. Note that one-time products are always hidden on the marketplace, so this will always be Hidden.
  • Price - The price of your one-time product. $17.95 will show up as 1795 in your export.
  • Product Image - We’ll give the URL to the oldest/first product image you uploaded that is associated with this product ID.
  • Description - The one-time product description.
  • Inventory - If the one-time product has inventory tracking enabled, you’ll see the quantity on hand for this one-time product (not including any confidence intervals).


Does this export include deleted products?
No. This export only includes one-time products that are visible or hidden.

I want to use this export to create feeds for ads or affiliate programs. How can I get the one-time product URL?
Your one-time product’s URL will vary, depending on how you set up your site. In many cases it may use the “Product ID” field to construct the URL.

How can I get my subscription products in the same export?
Go to the subscription products page and export your products there. The columns for both reports should match, up to and including the Description column, so it will be easy to combine those reports.

Why is there a column that says “MP Visibility” in my One-Time Products Export?
You cannot sell one-time products on the Cratejoy Marketplace. However, we wanted to standardize the product export columns across One-Time Products and Subscription Products. This means that the MP Visibility column on your One-Time Product export will always say “Hidden,” but the columns will match up with your Subscription Product export.

Who can export these reports?
Users who have the role Admin or Product Manager can export these one-time product exports. On the "Users" page, they have "Export Ecommerce Products" as an available action.