This article will explain when data is exported and updates to your Cratejoy store.

How fresh is my data?

Customer data (e.g. your subscriptions, customers, shipments, order, etc.) isn’t exported in perfect real-time. Data may be delayed up to 5 minutes, as it can take anywhere from a few seconds to just up to 5 minutes to register a new purchase or update in the Cratejoy system.

This means, for example, that...

  • If a new subscriber signs up for a subscription at 12:58 pm, a subscriptions export pulled at 1:00 pm might not include that subscriber.
  • If a customer updates their address for a subscription at 2:30 pm, a customer export pulled at 2:34 pm might reflect the old address.

Exports may also take a few minutes to process–any changes to the underlying data within the export made while that export is processing won't be reflected in that export.

This means, for example, that...if you download a Subscription export at 4:00 pm that takes 2 minutes to complete, but a new subscriber signs up at 4:01 pm, that export completed at 4:02 pm will not include that subscriber.

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