Looking to give a Cratejoy subscription box as a gift?

This article will walk you through what to expect when purchasing a gift subscription. You'll need the recipient's email and shipping address to get started.

What's included in this article:

How to purchase a gift subscription on Cratejoy

To purchase a gift subscription, you'll want to go through the store's subscription flow. On the checkout page, you'll see an option to check off the box for "This is a gift". Here, you can enter the gift recipient's full name, recipient's email address, and a personalized gift message. You can also select if you want the subscription to renew or not.

What's required for setting up a gift subscription?

When you purchase a gift subscription, you will need to provide the gift recipient's email address and shipping address. If you do not have the recipient's email or it's for someone who does not have an email, we will need another good contact email.

You can also personalize the gift by sending an email to the gift recipient, which is sent when the gift is shipped by the seller.

Who owns the gift subscription?

When you purchase a gift subscription for someone, you, the buyer, "own" the subscription. This means you manage the billing, shipping and subscription information for the gift. Keep in mind that these account details are not modifiable by the recipient. The subscription cannot be transferred to the recipient.

What does the gift recipient see when they receive a gift subscription

When a gift subscription is shipped, the gift recipient will receive an email. This notification is enabled in the seller's account, and though not common, it is possible the seller might have the gift notification turned off.

The gift recipient will receive an email that allows the recipient to see their gift, learn more about the subscription box and view any personal message that was sent.

Here's an example of what the gift email looks like:

Example of a gift message

Here, the gift recipient can "claim" their gift, but this step isn't necessary. Cratejoy asks that recipients claim their gift subscription, which allows it to be displayed in their Cratejoy account.

While claiming a gift subscription isn't necessary to receive a gift, it allows Cratejoy to:

  1. Provide information about the gift.
  2. Give context as to where the gift came from.
  3. Offer customer support if needed.
  4. Relay personal message from gift sender.

If the gift subscription was purchased through a seller's Storefront, the gift recipient will need to walk through the subscription flow to claim their gift

If the gift subscription was purchased through the Cratejoy marketplace, when the recipient clicks on the email button they will be asked to either login or create a Cratejoy account then linked to their account page where they can view the gift and message.

Gift Recipients can view the gifts they have claimed in their account page anytime here:http://www.cratejoy.com/my_account/my_gifts/gifts_received.