Make sure and read this help doc: Best Practices for Hiring Designers and Developers

Simple changes (like changing the text or an image) can be done in the Designer using a Cratejoy theme but adding more customization to your page requires changes to the HTML, CSS or Javascript.

It is possible to do almost anything with Cratejoy since you get complete control of the HTML/CSS.

Here are some examples of store websites built on Cratejoy. This shows you what kind of customization can be done to stores in Cratejoy.

Most customization requires coding expertise (HTML, CSS & Javascript) though.

Designing sites can be tricky, and since the website for most Merchants is storefront from which most of their revenue is derived, it is important that it be done well.

In cases where Merchants lack website design experience, we recommend engaging a designer/developer to help - whether a trusted contractor that was used in the past or a friend - it is often the best route to go.

Here's more information on how best to find and engage a designer or developer for your store: Best Practices for Hiring Designers and Developers


For Merchants that don't have a designer to turn to, we are happy to recommend several that we know have done great work with Merchants using the Cratejoy platform in the past, and who have indicated that they're interested in taking on more Cratejoy stores going forward:

Keep in mind that these developers may have a full plate already so the help document linked above (Best Practices for Hiring Designers and Developers) is a good way to go about finding someone. Cratejoy is not able to confirm the validity code created by third-party developers, nor are they employed by Cratejoy.