This article only applies to the new designer. Not sure which designer you have? Check here.

If you have upgraded to the Essentials plan or above, you can easily remove the "Powered by Cratejoy" tag from your store, which appears on all the default themes.

First, navigate to the Design tab and open up your design in the Code editor.

Now open the file called "base.html", which contains code for your basic template (the headers and footers on each page of your site, for example).

If you are using the tasty, fashion, or bold themes, you will want to navigate to "footer.html" rather than base.

Now scroll down and delete the code responsible for the Cratejoy-branded tag, highlighted here:

(Note: the class in your code may not be exactly the same, but deleting it will have the same effect. Searching "powered" in the appropriate file will always take you to the code snippet in question.)

Now save the file to finish. That's it! Preview your store again and you'll see that the "Powered by Cratejoy" tag is now gone.