SSL is an internet protocol that is used to secure the communication between two different computers. You can tell a web session is secured if the web address is https:// not http:// and you see the padlock icon in your web browser.

Cratejoy automatically protects all pages that are hosted on any Cratejoy subdomain, that includes anything that can be reached via your Cratejoy store URL.

What does SSL do?

In general, information exchanged over the web is sent in readable text, so if someone is sitting in the middle they can "listen" to a web conversation and see the data that flows back and forth. SSL encrypts the data so that the person in the middle will no longer be able understand it. Any private information that is entered on your site must be encrypted with SSL for the protection of your customers and yourself.

What about my custom domain?

If you are using a custom domain, pages accessed through the custom domain, now have SSL support! This support is extended through all pages of the site. Please note though that this does not extend to the naked domain version of secure URLs (for example: You can learn more about customizing your domain here.