After successfully checking out, customers will be shown a "Thank You" page that summarizes their order. Having a working thank you page, at the very minimum, provides a complete user experience but is also integral for:

If your "Thank You" page is not being shown, there are two possible causes. Either it cannot be found or there are errors in the template. Here are a few steps to check why your thank you page may be broken.

1. Check that the template file exists

Open the code editor and look for html/customer/thank_you.html.

2. Check for errors in the template file

If the thank_you.html file is red in the file tree of the code editor, open it and check the errors. Code Checker information

3. Misconfigured custom domain

If you configured a custom domain such as, try viewing your thank you page using that custom domain. If you cannot view the page (and we know it exists from checking the above steps), it's likely your domain is mis-configured. Check your custom domain configuration.

4. Drop us a line

If you feel that something isn't covered here, one of our support specialists will be happy to help.