This guide will walk you through on how to view sent automated notifications to your subscribers.

HTML vs Text Notifications

When a notification is sent, both an HTML and a plaintext version is sent, and you have visibility into both of these versions just as you can edit both types independently. The majority of e-mail clients support HTML e-mails, so this will be the most common version customers see.

Marketplace Notifications

Only notifications generated for your custom storefront display in this section. Notifications sent to customers who purchase through the Marketplace are not visible.

You can view notifications which have been generated within your Merchant Portal by navigating to Analytics -> Notifications. 

From this page, you can view and filter through all the notifications that have been sent to your customers (and gift recipients). Simply click on the subject of a notification to view it!

Below is the list of status that your notifications can have:

  • Pending - The Cratejoy platform is preparing to send your notification
  • Sent - The Cratejoy platform has sent your notification to the customer
  • Delivered - The Cratejoy platform has confirmed that the notification has been delivered
  • Failed - The notification either bounced or could not be sent to the customer.

Important: If your notification was sent prior to 5/30/15, we won't have confirmation that a message was delivered or bounced (we only know if we sent them, not if the recipient received them). However, all messages after this date should have a confirmation.

You can also export your notifications from this page!

In addition to this new notifications analytics page, starting on 5/30/15, your customers will have new logs on the customer details page that report when notifications were sent.

When you click the "View All" link, you can see an even more detailed breakdown of notifications and all logs associated with the customer.