The bottom line is that Cratejoy puts a lot of emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), or boosting organic search rankings, for our Marketplace listings.

Google looks at several factors when deciding rankings for a page, including, but not limited to:

  1. The age of the website (older is better)
  2. The number of third party links that exist to a website (external links)
  3. Where the above links come from (links from trusted websites boost organic search)
  4. How targeted the content of the website is to the query the user is submitting (on-site optimization)
  5. How long visitors stay on a website after clicking through on the google rankings

If your site is ranked below the Marketplace, or any other website, you may consider spending time optimizing your site for search engines (SEO). This will involve researching best practices and modifying your storefront to contain the appropriate content structured in the way that google reads. Google has published a starter guide to search engine optimization at:

It is also possible that visitors are not finding the information they are looking for (such as high quality product pictures) when visiting your site, but they are finding them through other Marketplace listings.

There are third party agencies that can help you optimize your website for search engines.This is an ongoing process and a boost in search ranking typically takes several months to become evident after making changes for SEO reasons.