This article will walk you through on how to add past boxes on your Cratejoy marketplace listing. 

1. Click on Past Boxes 

In order to add past boxes to your marketplace listing, you will first need to go here and click on the past boxes tab. 

2. Upload Your Image

Choose the image of the past box you wish to upload. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox. When selecting your image, please make sure it is 600x600. 

if your image is still too big, you can crop it the way you'd like. Don't forget to click Upload and Save Draft


3. Add Titles and Descriptions

You can add titles and descriptions to each section and even rearrange the boxes order on your listing by clicking on the arrow toggles. 

Make sure you Save As Draft after adding each past box so that you don't lose your work. 

To edit an existing box, navigate to the Past Boxes tab in the Listing Editor. Then, edit the box you wish to replace. 

4. Submit for Approval

The last step is to submit your listing for approval. As with any change to your marketplace listing, you will have to submit it for approval before the changes will be applied on your live listing.