Merchants can add a YouTube video to their listing by clicking "Listing" or "Product Listings" in the Merchant Portal, if using product listing select the product you wish to add the video to.

Once your listing is open, click the "Photos & Video" tab.

To add your video, you will need to have your YouTube URL handy. Copy and paste that URL like below:


A preview of the video will appear so that you can test it out. Then you just need to save your listing and submit for approval. Videos must meet our content guidelines which prohibit videos from containing text overlays with URLs or adult content.

How to Create Custom Start and End Times for Your Video

If you have a long video but only want to show a portion of it, we have good news! Our YouTube integration supports YouTube's feature for providing a custom start time and end time for your video.

To provide just a custom start time, please use the link format below and replace the characters after the "v=" with your YouTube's video ID.

Notice the t=7s. This video will start at the seven second mark. Adjust the number before the "s" to the start time you would prefer.

To provide a custom start and end time, please use the link format below. This time, replace the characters after the "v/" and before the "?" with your video ID.

This video will start at the 36 second mark and end at the 65 second mark.