So you got a review! Responding publicly or privately to Marketplace reviews can be a great way to show existing customers how much you value them and show potential new subscribers what sort of support and help they can expect from you!

Quick Tips: Not every review requires a public response, but if you do choose to respond, we recommend keeping it short (50-150 words), positive, and helpful. If the reviewer has raised an issue or question that you want to address, respond publicly (say to say you’re reaching out!) and privately (to actually fix the issue). Each review notification will point you how to publicly respond to the Marketplace review. If you do want to publicly respond (recommended for any review of 3 stars or fewer!), follow the instructions here.

Should I respond publicly to this review?

We recommend responding publicly to 1-2 star reviews, but we don’t recommend leaving public responses for every 3-5 star review.

  • For critical reviews (1-3 stars): Potential subscribers read your listing reviews to learn more what other subscribers think about your product! It’s important to respond to harsher reviews (1-3 stars) publicly, to show that you’ve heard and value their feedback. More tips here for addressing critical reviews, or reviews you disagree with. 
  • For more positive reviews (4-5 stars): it's good to respond to 4 and 5 star reviews as well to show the subscribers you're engaged with the listing, you care about the experience and care about the subscribers.

Responding privately to a review is always a great option, too. If the reviewer had an issue, we definitely recommend reaching out privately, as it gives you the space to get extra feedback, more details, and maybe resolve the issue. If the reviewer just left a particularly positive review, it might be nice to respond privately just thanking them for taking the time to leave feedback! We recommend just a simple thank you. 

What should I say in a public response?

We recommend keeping the following tips in mind:

Keep it simple! We recommend that responses be between 50-150 words, just enough to explain or address the issue and offer some sort of resolution.

Show off your stellar customer support. Potential new subscribers will see these responses as an example of what kind of customer support they’ll receive or what sort of help they can expect if something goes awry! Stay calm, friendly, and customer-focused.

If you can, mention what you’ve changed or are doing differently based on their feedback.Show how you’re changing your business based on their feedback and suggestions! This is particularly important if potential new subscribers might have the same concerns as those raised in reviews.

Take it to email, if necessary. If you haven't yet solved the reviewer's issue, you can still post a public response. Good phrases to include might be “We’ll be reaching out via email to make this up to you” or “We’ll follow up via email to get more details about this issue.” Then, you can follow up via email with the reviewer to work out the details, while showing potential new subscribers that you're working on it.

Avoid thinking of it as "telling your side of the story." We recommend sticking to the product and issues discussed in the review, rather than bringing in any other contact you’ve had with the reviewer. Potential new subscribers and existing subscribers who might read this review don’t want to see a full play-by-play of a disagreement or a line-by-line listing of everything that the reviewer got wrong. Potential new subscribers want to see you handle customer issues with warmth and empathy.


Public Response FAQs  

What will a public response to a review look like?
Your public response will be posted directly below the subscriber view, inset, and in a slightly different color. It will be labeled as "{Your Store Name} said..." like below


What happens after I post a public response to a subscriber review?
After the response is published, the reviewer will be notified that their review received a public response.

Can the reviewer respond to my public response?
No, the reviewer cannot reply publicly to your public response. Cratejoy Marketplace reviews aren't the place for a back-and-forth between you and your reviewer -- we recommend following up privately with your reviewer if you feel like the reviewer might have additional questions or concerns from your public response.


Public Response Policy

All public responses are subject to review by Cratejoy. We will not post public responses with profane, hostile, threatening, or harassing language. Public responses to reviews cannot include links or personal information about the reviewer or subscriber not listed in the review; this includes the reviewer's location, contact information, and name.

For example, do not post public responses that include:

  • Package tracking numbers, as they share the reviewer's location.
  • Specific references to the reviewer's country and its effect on shipping cost or timing (e.g. say "shipping from the US to international addresses can take longer" not "shipping to Canada takes longer" if the reviewer doesn't mention they live in Canada).