Shoppers making purchases from the Marketplace do so from an address that is “” and associate the shopping experience with Cratejoy, so ensuring a positive experience for the customers improves the chances for all sellers listed on the marketplace to succeed.

Cratejoy aims to respond to all inquiries sent from everyone. If a shopper or subscriber reaches out to Cratejoy, we will answer them.  

When the shopper or subscriber asks a specific question about a seller’s subscription or product, we advise them to reach out to the seller using the “contact seller” button on the seller’s marketplace listing, the “contact seller” button the subscriber’s account page, or we will provide ship-from email address (found under Settings > Shipping). 

When Does Cratejoy Refund My Marketplace Subscribers On My Behalf?

Cratejoy does not refund shipments already marked as shipped.

  • When a subscriber signs up and regrets it right away, if Cratejoy receives the request within two hours of the sign up, and if the shipment is not yet marked as shipped.
  • When a subscriber renews and didn’t intend to, and when they notify Cratejoy within 48 hours of the renewal, and when the shipment is not yet marked as shipped.
  • When a subscriber reaches out to Cratejoy and reports having not been able to elicit a response from the seller, Cratejoy will reach out to the seller via the primary contact email address on record for the account and allow two full business days to respond, after which, we’ll re-engage the subscriber and work towards their resolution, which may include a refund.
  • When a subscriber reaches out to inquire about a shipment from a seller who has a documented track record of not sending shipments, or track record of not responding to our efforts to engage.

When a refund is made, Cratejoy will cancel the shipment so it's removed from the list of unshipped shipments, and cancels the subscription, preventing it from renewing. Information on the refund reason and cancellation reason are included in the cancellation note.

When will Cratejoy cancel a subscription on behalf of a subscriber or seller:

  • When a subscriber’s order is refunded by Cratejoy, Cratejoy cancels the shipment and subscription.
  • When the subscriber reaches out to Cratejoy requesting for a subscription to be canceled, the normal reply includes instructions on how the subscriber can cancel him or herself, but in cases wherein the renewal date is close at hand, we do offer to cancel for them, and provide the best information available in the cancellation survey.