This guide will walk you through how to create a successful Cratejoy Marketplace Listing.

What is the Cratejoy Marketplace?

The Cratejoy Marketplace is a site dedicated to curated experiences and subscription boxes created by our community of sellers. These boxes span numerous interests and categories. 

URLs, email addresses, or social handles are only allowed in the social media tab when setting up your marketplace listing. Was your listing rejected? Check out our Marketplace Approval Process article.

Here is a walk-through video on how to create a good marketplace listing.

When you create your Marketplace listing, you'll fill out some basic information regarding your subscription and products.

Brief Description  

Think of this as your elevator pitch or tagline: If you only had five seconds to describe your box to a potential subscriber. It should be one sentence that explains your box or the experience it delivers.


  • Sensory toys to engage your child in fun therapeutic play
  • Delivering geeky and fandom themed printed art and goodies, right to your door!
  • Explore the world one country at a time! 

Main Headline 

This works as the catchy header for your box description. This should incentivize subscribers to keep reading the copy below.


  • The best small-batch foods crafted by local makers
  • Ready to stop pinning and start making?
  • Make great drinks. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you

Detailed Description 

This section is where you expand on what your box is about and detail what subscribers can expect from your subscription box. You can mention your audience and how your box improves their lives or makes them happier. Be authentic and keep in mind that you’re speaking directly to potential customers!


Give your child the world! Bilingual Box is a monthly subscription box of learning materials in Spanish & English for children to use at home. Ideal for kids ages 4-8 who are interested in learning or already learning Spanish. With activities designed by educational specialists, Bilingual Box makes dual language learning fun and effective!


You will want to pick the main category, which is where your listing will be included from the categories listed in the main Marketplace navigation, and a sub-category. 

Don't know how to pick a category or subcategory for your box? Check out How To Pick The Best Cratejoy Marketplace Category.  

List of Features 

The list of features is a way to let subscribers know exactly what they are getting with your box. Such as unique selling points about your box, Number and type of products, Free shipping (if any), Retail value of the box (if applicable), and Number of different subscription box options.


    • Shipping included in the monthly cost
    • Full-size products, not a sample box!
    • Box retail value is always $70+
    • Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, Crystals, Incense & Other Eclectic Items

Target Ship Date 

It is very important to be as detailed and accurate in this section. This should save any confusion with subscribers and it should state when your box ships, when is your cutoff date and an estimated time of arrival. 

This should be in one of the following two formats:

  1. Your box will ship on the [DATE] of every month. Please order by the [DATE] to get the current box.
  2. Your first box will ship on the [DATE] of the month. Please order by the [DATE] to get the current box. For existing subscribers, we ship on the [DATE] of every month.


We ship out the first week of every month, by the 4th of that month. Our cutoff date for this month’s box is the last day of the previous month. 

This is an example of a Marketplace Listing that has all of these details.

Social Media

Any external links should be included under this section. (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Video, Personal Website)

Your Marketplace listing will also automatically pull the lowest price available for your subscription products, displayed above the "Personalize Your Box" button, and applicable shipping information displayed just below.

That shipping information comes from your product settings, or the global shipping rules defined under Settings -> Shipping.