Box Showcase is a feature that lets you show shoppers your current and past boxes so they can be confident in what to expect when they buy. This article will show you how to set up Box Showcase and give you best practices for what to include. 

What should I include in Box Showcase?

A good box showcase box will highlight the contents in a way that appeals to shoppers. Some great things to include are:

  • An example of some of the products in the box
  • The retail value of the box contents
  • The theme of that month's box (if applicable)
  • A high-quality image of the product. Check out this article on taking high-quality product photos

Think of the box showcase as a preview of what to expect from the box, while still allowing the subscriber to be surprised when they unbox it.

How do I set up Box Showcase?

To set up Box Showcase, navigate to the Listing page in your account. Once there:

  1. Click on the Box Showcase tab
  2. Click on Add New Box to see enter your box information (if this is your first box showcase box, this will be the default view).
    Enter the box showcase box details
  3. Enter the Box Name and Box Description and select if this is a Current or Past box. Only choose Current Box if it can still be purchased. If you choose Past box, you can click Add New Box to finish adding the box
  4. If you select Current Box, enter the last date that this box can be ordered. On this date, the current box will move to the past boxes section of the listing. Click Add New Box to finish adding the box.

Where does Box Showcase appear on my listing?

Box showcase boxes appear in one of two locations on your listing depending on if it is a Current or Past box.

Current Box

Current Boxes will appear just below the video section of your Marketplace listing. Current boxes will display the last day to order as a call to action to order the box. 

Current box showing in the Sneak Peek section

Past Boxes

Past boxes will appear below the Reviews section of the listing. You can have up to 12 past boxes on your listing at any time.

Past boxes showing in the Past Boxes section

Want more best practices? Check our our article on Optimizing your Listing