This new feature allows you to both add past boxes and showcase your box currently available for purchase by sharing a sneak peek image, a description, and an order-by date for your current box on your Cratejoy Marketplace listing. Box Showcase also allows you to build subscriber excitement while setting expectations for new subscribers.

What’s a Current Box?

Your Current Box is the box that is available for sale right now. If a subscriber orders today up until your order-by date, this is the box they will receive. Your Current Box will display below your list of features and above your customer reviews. Here’s an example of what this exciting new feature looks like:

What happens to Past Boxes?

You’ll still be able to display boxes from recent months on your Marketplace listing, but now you can showcase up to 12 Past Boxes! These Past Boxes will display in the same place as they currently do on your listing.

How to Set Up Box Showcase

1. On the listing page of your merchant dashboard, click on the new Box Showcase tab.

2. To add your current box, type in the name of this specific box and include a brief description. 

We recommend including information about the theme, number of items, the retail value, and a sneak peek of some of the products in the box to get your current and prospective subscribers excited. Think of your description as “spoiler” content -- but don’t reveal all of the surprises!

Helpful tip! Below is an example of a box description.

August’s box theme is California Chic! This box will include 3 coordinating jewelry pieces perfect for showing off your summer tan. August’s box will also include a Rejuvenating Mask Moisturizer worth $40 to help your skin recover from time spent outside in the hot sun. The retail value of the box is $125+ and contains a special surprise for subscribers!

3. Below the description, click “Current” to specify the box type. 

Next, add the order-by date for subscribers to receive this box. 

Please note: you must upload a picture with your Current Box. 

When the order-by date passes, your Current Box will automatically become a Past Box. 

4. Press Save and resubmit your listing for approval. 

That’s it! If you have any questions or need assistance, please email [email protected]