No matter your interests, Cratejoy merchants work to create and curate the absolute best products for their subscribers. We enhance this experience by allowing community users to explore what merchants have previously sold and the impact they have had on the subscription box community. 

A community page is the same as a live marketplace listing with the following exceptions:  

  • All Subscribe and Gift buttons are removed so no new orders can be placed.
  • Community pages are searchable from the marketplace, but they will not show up in any category listings.

The community page will still allow visitors to view and update the following according to our terms of service:

  • All product listing details including photos will still be visible allowing users to identify information about the listing. 
  • Community members can still write a review and read reviews left by others.
  • Questions & Answers will still be available for community users.

How do I claim a community listing that belongs to me?

Claiming your marketplace listing is easy. Simply send a request to our support team here and we will assist you with claiming your listing.