This guide will walk you through how to create product listings for the Cratejoy Marketplace.


How to Create Product Listings

Cratejoy is transitioning all Cratejoy Marketplace Listings from a Per-Store (one listing per store/ all products must be on the same listing) basis to a Per-Product (multiple listings per store/ one product per listing) basis. This is a big change that is designed to give you more control over how your products are presented on Cratejoy’s Marketplace.

With our previous Store-Level Listings (Per-Store), sellers had to represent all of their products with a single set of descriptions, categories, and images.
With Product Listings (Per-Product), sellers can now write clear descriptions with specific details about a single product, classify different products under different categories, and customize what images and the order of images that are shown in the image carousel specific to each product. 

How to Create Product Listings

1. In the Seller Portal, click the new Product Listings tab, which appears under the Products tab.

2. Click the "Create New Listing" button.

3. Select the product to create a listing
Select your product and then fill out the rest of the form. (If you'd like to learn more about filling out your listing: read this). 

You can save your progress with the "Save" button, or once you've provided all the information, press "Publish." Pressing "Publish" at this time simply lets us know you're ready to convert your Store Listing to a set of Product Listings and will send your listing into the approval process.

Once you have published a listing for your default Product and it has been approved through our listing approval process, you'll see an "Enable Product Listings" button on your Product Listings tab. 

Your default Product is the first product in your list on the “Product” tab if you’ve set the order of that list. If you haven’t set your products order in that list, your default product will be the first visible product. You must create a listing for your default Product in order to enable Product Listings. 

4. Click "Enable Product Listings" to enable Product Listings (this will hide your old store-level listing)

After you click that button, a message will pop up asking if you are ready to submit your Product Listings for approval. Click the "Submit for Approval" button, and your store will be switched over. 

Got more questions about PPL? Check out our FAQ page.