NOTE: This article is applicable for Cratejoy Storefront sellers. Looking to update coupons for your Marketplace Listing? Please see our related support article.

This article covers the Percentage Off First Shipment Coupon feature. The feature gives sellers the ability to offer a percentage-based discount applied to the first shipment of a prepaid subscription term. This coupon is applicable to Subscription Products and intended for use with 3, 6, and 12-month subscription terms.

This coupon only works on Subscription Products.

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Setup steps
How the discount is calculated 

Setup Steps

The Percentage Off First Shipment Coupon is an available Discount option for Cratejoy Coupons. Follow the below steps to use this Discount option for your Coupon code.

Step 1:  Click on Coupons in the sidebar of your Cratejoy Merchant Portal.

Step 2: Select either an existing coupon or click New Coupon to create a new coupon code.

Step 3: Under Discount, select Percentage Off First Shipment.

Step 4: Enter the desired discount to apply to the first shipment for orders of prepaid Subscription Products.

Step 5: By default, all Subscription terms are selected for coupons. To use the Percentage Off First Shipment Coupon effectively, you'll need to deselect Month to Month if it's available for your product.

Step 6: The last step is optional but strongly recommended. By default, Cannot be combined with other offers under Limitations is not selected. We recommend enabling this limitation to make sure the Percentage Off First Shipment discount cannot be combined with other offers. If you do

To enable this limitation, go to Limitations and check  Cannot be combined with other offers.

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How the discount is calculated

The Percentage Off First Shipment Coupon discount is calculated on the shortest subscription term.
So, if there are month-to-month, 3, 6, and 12-month subscription terms, the percentage off is calculated based on the month-to-month term. The resulting dollar discount will be applied to the longer-term lengths as a flat rate discount.

Example of calculation

First, let's use an example of a 50% off Percentage Off First Shipment Discount. Now let's walk through how it works for a 3-month subscription term.
In the example, the 3-month prepaid subscription totals $30, or $10 per box.
The system divides the prepaid total (before shipping and taxes) by the term length.
$30/3 = $10.
Then the 50% discount is calculated on the first shipment for this product.
$10 x .5 = $5
From there, the $5 discount would apply to the longer-term (6 and 12-month) Subscription terms

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This discount is a new feature and there are some limitations.

  • The percentage is based on the shortest-term length. This formula cannot be adjusted to calculate based on the longer-term lengths. In other words, if a product has a 3, 6 and 12-month subscription term length, the discount will always be calculated on the 3-month term. It cannot be modified to be based on the 6 or 12-month term.
  • It is not recommended to enable this coupon on month-to-month terms. Enabling it for month-to-month terms will likely result in higher discounts for prepaid terms.
  • Cannot be Combined is not automatically checked for this Discount. To make sure the customer cannot use it with another coupon code, make sure Cannot be combined is checked under Limitations. Click here for steps.
  • Cannot be used by the individual more than once is automatically enabled. We recommend keeping this enabled or else the coupon will be applied to renewals.

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