Cratejoy has a public API that developers can query and use to update specific information from Cratejoy. Many developers use the data from Cratejoy's API to build custom tools for sellers. 

What is an API? 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This allows software developers to build new applications based on the unique data and capabilities provided by a software program or website.

Apps and Integrations 

You can review Cratejoy's featured APPs and integrations in the App Store tab in the Seller Portal.  You can add an app to your Cratejoy account to enhance your selling experience on the platform. 

How to develop an integration with Etsy's API 

If you're a developer and want to access the Cratejoy API, start by creating a Cratejoy account if you don't have one already. Once registered, you'll need an API key which you can get by Creating API Credentials. After you create your credentials, we recommend viewing our documentation to get started.