You can create one-time products from the Products tab in the Seller Portal. Products that you create will show up in a separate 'Shop' page than in the subscription flow with your subscription products.

Step 1: On the One-Time Products page, click 'Add Product' 

Step 2: Enter the product's title, price, and inventory status

Step 3: Add a Product Image

If you want a product image, then tap the image button and select an image below 4.2MB

Step 4: Add any variants

You can collect sizes, colors, etc. At this time, variants cannot be priced at different levels. 

Step 5: Add Shipping Options

Add your shipping options here, but be sure to check out How Shipping Works on Cratejoy, to set up your shipping correctly. 

Step 6: Tap Save Product

The product appears in your storefront account as long as you have it marked as visible.