This article will guide you on how to install a Facebook Conversions API in addition to your Facebook Pixel implementation on your Cratejoy site.

This article only applies to the new designer. Not sure which designer you have? Check here.

If you have the old designer: click here to learn how to install the Facebook Conversions API. 

Install Facebook Pixel to your storefront

Before you can add the Facebook Conversions API to your theme, you'll need to install your Facebook Pixel.

Generate your Conversions API Access Token

Go to your Facebook Pixel Page and from there navigate to the Settings Tab and scroll down to the Conversions API section and click on the Create Access Token button:

Follow the prompt and when your access token appears make sure to copy it.

Add the Access Token to your theme

First, open the "Design" tab on the main Cratejoy sidebar

Next, open the Designer for the theme you want to change

Next, open the SEO Settings section

Next click on the "Site Settings" section and paste the Pixel ID into the "Facebook Access Token" field.

That's it! Let's make sure to save our changes.

Test your Setup (Optional)

On your FB Events Manager page go to the "Test Events" tab and under Test Server Events copy the code needed eg: TEST123456

Now on your domain go to "". Replace with your actual store url, and TEST123456 with your actual test code from the Events Manager test page.

You'll see a screen like this:

Now on your test tab you'll be able to see the event processed.

That's it! You've tested your setup successfully 


The following events are recorded with the built-in integration:

  • Purchase on the thank you page, which is the page customers are directed to upon successful purchase, also with the order value, currency, and number of items. This event gets deduplicated with the client side using the order id
  • InitiateCheckout on the checkout page, with the order value, currency, and number of items. This event gets deduped with the client using the cart id
  • Add to cart 
  • PageView sent on every page view
  • Subscribe on the thank you page if a product is a subscription based one.

If the customer is logged in, their name and email will be recorded.

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