Customer Survey questions are now being embedded on the per product listing. And the best part?  No changes will be made to the seller dashboard; only to the buyer experience.

In this Article:

Benefits of the updates to the Customer Survey


Customer Surveys with 4 or less personalization fields will be embedded in the listing on the right-hand side below the subscription terms

Customer Surveys with more than 5 personalization fields will be displayed as a pop-up before the buyer is taken to the checkout page. 

Although we understand that 5 or more personalization fields are required for your subscriber’s product, we recommend only 4 or less personalization fields (if possible) for a seamless customer journey and higher conversions as a result.

Benefits of the updated Customer Survey:

  • An e-commerce workflow that supports multi-product checkout to enable more sales

  • Embedding customer surveys on your PDP (listing) will reduce friction in the checkout and allow for optimal conversion rates. 


  • Why do you recommend only having required personalization fields?

    • It is in the best interest to create an easy and smooth process for your customers to increase sales. Any unnecessary steps in the buying journey can hinder conversion and sales. 

  • Why do you recommend only having 4 or fewer personalization fields?

    • Although it’s a nice sentiment to try to get to know your customers through customer survey questions, an efficient checkout flow and shipping speed is most important to a customer and their retention.

  • How will this impact my business?

    • Embedding the product personalization steps in the listing instead of at the end of the checkout flow makes it easier for the customers to navigate essential components of customizing their products. It is now a much more streamlined process for the buyer, increasing sales for your business.

  • How does this affect surveys on my storefront website?

    • If you don't edit the survey, nothing changes on the storefront.

  • Can I customize my storefront survey separate from the marketplace survey? 

    • Currently, we can not support this customization. You will need different products for each storefront or marketplace to create individual surveys for both the storefront and marketplace. 

    • In the rare case you have the same products for your storefront and marketplace listing, but would like to customize the customer surveys differently, you can duplicate and create an MP-only product. 

  • How can a buyer change the answers provided? Before and After checkout?

    • Customer Survey answers will only be editable from the listing page. Currently, there is no functionality to support editing the Customer Survey answers at the checkout page, however, buyers can use "Manage Subscription" to edit their survey responses after purchase. Sellers can assist Buyers with updating their survey responses by using the "Survey Results" section of the "Subscriptions" page.