The Change Product tool enables you to update an individual product within a shipment.

This option is available on the main Shipments view, as well as the individual Customer, Subscription, and Order views. The Change Product tool enables you to select a product in a shipment and update it to any other product of your choosing, be it a subscription product or a one-time product.

Here are some situations in which this tool will come in handy:

  • A customer purchases a product of the same price accidentally and requests they receive a different product
  • You want to upgrade the product a customer will receive at no charge

Step 1: Select a product to update

Here you will select the product within the shipment which you want to update. If there is only one product, you need not make a selection and can continue on to the next step.

Step 2: Select the new product

Pick the new product from the list of available products. You can choose between subscription and one-time products, and select any variant for the new product if applicable.

You can change a subscription product to a one-time product, or vice versa. If there is only one shipment in the product and you change between types, note that the shipment will be automatically moved to the respective tab in your main Shipments list.

Step 3: Confirm changes

Ensure the changes you want to make are correct, and click Confirm to complete the update. The page will refresh, where you'll then see the updated shipment.

Changing a product within a shipment does not charge the customer or affect any ongoing subscriptions, nor any of their additional shipments. It is a one-time change to a single shipment and product within that shipment.