This guide will walk you through on how to change the address on individual shipments independent from the subscription shipping address.

1. Log in As the Customer

Following the instructions in our support article Logging in as a Customer, you will have to log in as the customer and add the new address to their customer account first.

2. Locate the Shipment for the Address Change

Locate the shipment that you want to change the address on either on the subscription page or the shipments page.

If the shipment has already been marked as shipped, you won't be able to change the address on the shipment.

Once you've located the shipment, click on Change Address.

A pop up will show and you should be able to choose the new address you added to the customer account from the drop-down list.

Click confirm and you should be all set. The shipment should automatically change to the new address without a page refresh.

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