Cratejoy gives your customers an easy way to manage their subscriptions self serve.

Note: If you want to make this change for your customer, follow this guide here to login as your customer and complete these steps.

After making an order, your customers can come back to your website and log in. The look of this is up to your theme and design customizations, I am using the Royale Dusk theme as an example.

In the upper left, the customer can select login, once logged in they have an option of going to a preferences area.

You can also link directly to this area with the format: https://yourstoreurl/customer/account

Once here your customer will be shown their existing subscriptions, and account information. To request a change to a subscription, they simply need to click the edit button on the appropriate subscription.

Your customer can then select whichever options you have made available based on your product variations, and terms.

After making their selections and clicking the Change button, a Confirmation page is presented showing the customer what they currently have, what they are changing to, and when the change will take effect (Next renewal date.)

That's all it takes!

Both you and your customer will receive an email notification detailing the change. Your merchant dashboard will be immediately updated, and all future billings and shipment data will reflect the new settings.