Cratejoy is built specifically with subscription businesses in mind. We specifically excel at allowing you to easily manage subscriptions where you ship physical goods on a monthly basis.

There are two main aspects to using Cratejoy for your subscription business.


Cratejoy operates the first ever online marketplace for subscription boxes. If you are starting your business with hopes of growing your subscriber base, the Marketplace will give you the opportunity to showcase your subscription business to nearly 500,000 monthly visitors, not to mention unparalleled benefits like risk-free customer acquisition. Check out this blog post on how we've grown the Marketplace over the last year:

One Year of Cratejoy Marketplace Growth


Cratejoy is built specifically with subscription businesses in mind. We excel at allowing you to easily manage subscriptions that ship physical goods on a monthly basis.

When setting up your store on Cratejoy, you can choose your shipping and billing schedule to match your business needs. The system will block your shipments into monthly shipping batches, and you can designate a cutoff period for orders. This way, you can take orders continually, and if a hundred new orders come in right after you've packed this month's boxes, you don't have to rush to fulfill them immediately. Orders placed after the cutoff get added to next month's batch automatically.

Digital Downloads

Cratejoy is built and optimized for physical goods subscriptions that are physically shipped to the end subscribers regularly. There are a few merchants that are using Cratejoy successfully for running digital subscription businesses. It requires lots of custom work and upkeep on the merchants end that Cratejoy doesn't directly support and is not recommended.

One main point is that in Cratejoy you can cancel a subscription (where the subscription will not renew) and still have remaining shipments to be filled on that subscription.

To work around this, merchants wanting to run a digital subscription business would have to manually go and cancel these remaining shipments and do a lot of other manual upkeep to ensure that the right people have access to their digital product.

Some merchants use the MailChimp app in Cratejoy to capture the email addresses of the subscribers that sign up for their business or service and then manually use that email list in MailChimp to send out monthly digital download product or access token, all outside of the Cratejoy platform.

If you want a system with recurring billing and shipping built in from the get-go, not just hacked in as an add-on, and you are planning on shipping physical goods out on a monthly or rolling basis, Cratejoy is the best option around, would be a great fit for your business!

We provide a platform that would allow you to host your business and reach your customers! You can read more about our features here.

We also have a Marketplace that gives merchants who use our platform that added boost in marketing their business! You can check out the Marketplace here.

We have tons of resources to assist in starting your subscription-based store:

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