What is hosted checkout?

  • Customers purchase your subscription product from your non-Cratejoy front-end website & are redirected to a Cratejoy checkout experience for final purchase.
  • Most eCommerce capabilities on other sites do not support subscription services out-of-the-box so this is how you can add subscription purchases, powered by Cratejoy, to your website.
  • Hosted Checkout makes it easy to use existing websites, or websites built & hosted on services like WordPress, Wix or Squarespace, and still have the ability to use Cratejoy’s checkout & order management systems.

Benefits of Cratejoy’s Hosted Checkout options:

  • Easy to setup & use checkout experience
  • Customizable
  • Responsive design
  • Supports 138 different currencies
  • Supports credit card and PayPal Checkout payments
  • Built-in options legally needed for subscription businesses
  • Fraud prevention (more info & and even more info)
  • PCI DSS security compliant (more info)

You can integrate the Cratejoy checkout with your existing e-commerce website by following the instructions here.

What is the Hosted Checkout experience like for my customers?

When they make a purchase (e.g. click a “Subscribe Now” button that you added to your WordPress site) on your website, they get redirected to a Cratejoy checkout experience


image caption: This is a simple template on WordPress but this could look however you'd want

For standard subscription products, customers will experience:

  • A payment information page (where they enter their shipping & billing information). Payment is then passed to your payment processor to handle.


  • And then a payment confirmation page.


  • For subscription products with extra steps in the subscribe flow (e.g. prepay terms, product variants, product survey, add-ons), then customers would also step through the subscribe flow before getting to the payment information page.


All of the pages of the subscribe flow, checkout page & payment confirmation page can be customized to look however you want them to. This is done by customizing the published design theme that's on your Cratejoy account.