Cratejoy offers a Hosted Checkout that is ideal for sellers who want to use a different frontend website. Sellers on the Checkout Only Plan or the All-In-One Plan can use Cratejoy's hosted checkout. Click here to view Cratejoy's plans.

Hosted checkout is available with the Checkout Only Plan and All-In-One Plan.

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Overview of Hosted Checkout

How Hosted Checkout works How to set up Hosted Checkout
Who should use Hosted Checkout
Hosted Checkout benefits

Customer Experience

Customer experience on Hosted Checkout

Overview of Hosted Checkout

How Hosted Checkout works

Cratejoy's hosted checkout option allows sellers to use Cratejoy's checkout process while using a different platform for their frontend website. Most platforms don't have built-in support for subscription services, so many opt to use a Hosted Checkout with Cratejoy instead. The Hosted Checkout option can also be used to seller One-Time Products.

For example, a seller can use WordPress as their frontend website with Cratejoy as the backend that processes customer purchases. Essentially, the website serves as the face of the business and Cratejoy serves as the engine.

All pages of the subscribe flow, checkout page, and payment confirmation page can be customized through the Designer.

How to set up Hosted Checkout

We have a separate article on how to set this up. To integrate Cratejoy hosted checkout with an existing website, follow the instructions here.

Who should use Hosted Checkout

Hosted Checkout is a great option for sellers who want to use Cratejoy as a way to process payments, manage customers, process shipments, and renewals.

Here are just a few examples of who Hosted Checkout can work for. There may be others, these are just some examples:

  • Sellers who already have existing online stores on another platform like Shopify or BigCommerce and want to add a Subscription Product
  • Website owners who have a non-eCommerce website who want to add on a Subscription Product.
  • Sellers who offer Subscription Products through social media channels and need a way for customers to purchase products. 

Hosted Checkout benefits

Here are some of the benefits of Hosted Checkout:

  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to use checkout experience
  • Customizable and responsible design
  • Supports138 different currencies
  • Checkout with credit cards through Stripe
  • Built-in options legally needed for subscription businesses
  • Fraud prevention
  • PCI DSS security compliant

Customer Experience

Customer experience on Hosted Checkout

Typically sellers link to the Cratejoy hosted checkout on their frontend website. This can appear as a Subscribe or Subscription Product link on their website. 

Step 1: Customers will visit the seller's frontend website hosted outside of Cratejoy. Typically sellers have a Subscribe link that directs customers to checkout for the specific Subscription product.

Step 2 (for Subscription Products only): Depending on how the seller has their site set up, customers may then be directed to the product's Subscribe Flow, which will include any settings for that specific Subscription Product such as term length, variants, and survey questions.

Step 3: Customers will be taken to the Checkout Page where they can enter billing and shipping information.

Step 4: The customer will then receive payment confirmation.