The Cratejoy Risk Analysis feature lowers your risk of fulfilling fraudulent transactions. If a customer is flagged that doesn't necessarily mean it is fraudulent, it does mean that they've met fraudulent criteria. Use this risk analysis feature to investigate before you fulfill the order.

Where can I see a potentially fraudulent customer?

You will be able to see an alert next to the customer name on the

  • Customer page
  • Subscription Details page
  • Order Details page

You can also filter to customers or subscriptions with fraud risk by filtering to those items on the

  • Customer page
  • Subscription page

Subscription Details Page Example:

Why would a customer be marked as a fraud risk?

There are a number of factors that go into why a customer is a fraud risk.

  1. The customer has attempted to checkout with multiple cards
  2. The billing address country does not match the country from which the customer placed the order
  3. The billing zip code does not match the zip code for the credit card
  4. The customer attempted to checkout multiple times within an hour

How to investigate a suspicious order

There are a number of steps you can take to investigate an order. If you believe the order might be fraudulent you can:

  1. Contact the customer
  2. Pay special attention to high value orders
  3. See if the customer used multiple cards to complete the order
  4. Check to see if the email address is obviously fake ([email protected] could be an example)
  5. If you believe the customer's order is fraud than you can immediately refund the order and cancel the subscription and related shipments in order to prevent a potential chargeback.

How to prevent fraud

There are a few ways you can prevent fraud with your payment processor. With Stripe you can implement their CVC or AVS verification system to help reject potentially fraudulent transactions on your store.