Subscription on the Rebilling Summary can be in one of 5 states, as follows:

Renewing: Renewing customers have subscriptions which we will attempt to rebill for on your next billing date.

Cancelled: Cancelled customers have subscriptions which have been explicitly cancelled. They have chosen not to continue their subscription.

Expired: Expired customers are customers who were were unable to bill for the previous cycle. We attempted to bill them multiple times, however were unable to successfully complete the transaction. They have been moved to expired because they are unable to be charged with their current billing information.

Prepaid: Prepaid customers have previously paid for their delivery this cycle. The most likely cause of this is an ‘X-Month Prepay’ pricing option.

Skipped: Skipped customers have chosen to skip a given month of a subscription. They will not be rebilled on this cycle, however they will continue being billed on the next.